Essential First Aid for Schools, Communities and the Third Sector

This session is for schools, colleges, the community and any other educational setting, where the teaching focuses on emergency first aid for every-day situations. Positive messages are included in these sessions and students will discuss the benefits to the community of helping a casualty, in support of community cohesion and social and emotional literacy.

Outline: Students will identify personal safety risks for first-aiders at an incident. They will assess a casualty and practice a range of techniques aimed at preserving life. The session is fully interactive and where appropriate students may engage in practical activities to support the learning.

Format: The teaching for individual groups can be delivered over 50 and 90 minute sessions, although timings can be flexible. Group sizes can vary, with a recommended maximum of 15 students at a time. Larger groups can be accommodated by arrangement.

Your trainer is well resourced with the correct equipment, enabling all students to practice life saving skills effectively.


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