Our Knife Crime & Other First Aid Courses in Schools, Communities & the Third Sector

Bespoke first aid teaching in schools and any other community setting

I offer unique first aid teaching that comes in two parts…

First of all; In support of the London Mayor’s, key commitments in the  ‘London Knife Crime Strategy 2017′, I offer a brand new service to schools, charities and other organisations, providing students with bespoke life-saving skills – linked to knife crime injuries.  In class, I deliver a fully interactive, supportive learning environment, enabling students to explore positive alternative messages to knife crime in the PSHE context in support of their emotional development and pastoral needs.

Secondly; I offer tailor-made first aid classes, enabling students to learn essential lifesaving skills – whatever the situation, either at home or out in the community.

 You can choose either of the above options, or if you prefer, I will be very happy to tailor the content in line with your needs.  Session timings and content can be adapted to your specific requirements  ‘After all – it’s bespoke’.  Please get in touch via the contacts page.

Philip Melson. M.A.ED.


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