Operating in London, Surrey and Berkshire, we offer Ofqual Regulated Qualifications approved by Qualsafe Awards, an Awarding Organisation recognised by Ofqual to offer regulated Qualifications. Our first aid and paediatric first aid training is for businesses and teaching staff in schools, tailor made to the environment – a personalised service bespoke to your needs. We also offer a range of Mental Health First Aid courses; Level 1 Awareness, Level 2 practitioner and Level 3 supervisor, regulated by First Aid Awards Ltd, an awarding organisation for first aid and health and safety training.

Our Ofqual Regulated Qualifications:

  • Emergency First Aid at Work (1 day)                                     Qualsafe Logo Jpeg
  • First Aid at Work (3 day)
  • First Aid at Work refresher (2 day)
  • Emergency Paediatric First Aid (1 day)
  • Paediatric First Aid (2 days)

Our FAA Regulated Qualifications:

  • Level 1 Mental Health Awareness (half day)
  • Level 2 Mental Health First Aider (1 day)
  • Level 3 Mental Health First Aid Supervisor (2 day)

New…Compulsory First Aid for Students:

We deliver the mandatory first aid training for students in state funded schools (DfE statutory Guidance) where students, as a minimum, should by the end of secondary school; know life-saving skills, including CPR; the purpose of defibrillators and when one might be needed; basic treatments for common injuries.  If all modules are completed students will achieve a Level 2 qualification in first aid.

Knife and Gang Crime related First Aid for Students:

We deliver first aid training in schools – linked to knife crime injuries and tailor our input to complement the PSHE framework, helping to safeguard young people in response to the London Mayor’s Knife Crime Action Plan and promote positive community messages.

Other tailor-made courses in schools, colleges and across the community:

  • Essential First Aid – enabling the students to deliver life saving skills in everyday situations.
  • Knife Crime Related First Aid – enabling students from all walks of life to help with knife crime related injuries in support of community cohesion.

Why us?

All of our courses are delivered by a qualified expert – MA.ED. with a background in the emergency services and a proven track record in teaching first aid in the charitable sector. We also come to you for group bookings, cutting costs to your business.