About Us

How we train

We deliver the highest quality training at highly competitive rates, ensuring the best value for all your first aid training needs.  Most of our courses are delivered ‘in-company’ at your premises, saving you time and money.

What we stand for

As director and lead trainer for the company I deliver courses to clients in businesses and in schools.  For several years I taught first aid courses for the British Red Cross, delivering the full range of commercial and paediatric first aid courses. Prior to this I spent 30 years in the Metropolitan Police Service and have experienced first-hand, what it is like to be faced with a seriously ill, or critically injured person as a first-aider.  That initial contact with a casualty is crucially important and all of my training is designed to help students cope, either at work, or in their private lives, by giving them the confidence and willingness to help in the event of  an emergency.

All of our courses are delivered with your unique surroundings in mind and we will adapt the style of delivery to suit your needs and the needs of those attending.  Whether you need training for the workplace, or training for teaching and support staff in schools; as a qualified education and training professional, with more than 12 years teaching and training experience, I am the right person to deliver your training to the very highest standard.

How we support young people

Taking first aid teaching beyond the workplace, I believe very strongly that young people should be equipped with life-saving skills. Sadly, Knife-crime persists in our communities at worrying levels and we regularly hear in the media of another incident where young people and their families are affected.  To address this, I deliver knife crime related first aid teaching in schools and colleges, including to very vulnerable young people.  With my background in education and community policing, which included knife crime youth engagement, I believe that I am uniquely placed to deliver this training to young people, at the right educational level.

Philip Melson, M.A.ED.